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A map of the proposed Pipeline

The Marion, Clay and Wayne County Farm Bureaus have scheduled a meeting for Thursday night in Salem to discuss landowner rights for those who will be impacted by a proposed new pipeline.  The Energy Transfer Crude Oil Company, LLC is developing plans to install a new 30 inch pipeline from a location near the Patoka Oil Tank Farm in Marion County heading southeast to four miles north of Johnsonville in Wayne County, passing through Marion, Clay and Wayne Counties.  

Marion-Clinton County Farm Bureau Manager Gary Kennedy says impacted landowners are encouraged to attend the meeting that will be held from seven to nine Thursday night at the First Christian Church at 1200 West Boone in Salem.  

The program will feature Laura Harmon, the SeniorCounsel with the Illinois Farm Bureau, as well as Chris Byron, an experienced pipeline attorney from Edwardsville.  They will review the status of the ETCO Pipeline, as well as discuss what provisions need to be included in your examination permit and land easement.  

The Illinois Farm Bureau strongly recommends that you consult with an experienced pipeline attorney prior to signing the examination permit or an easement for the pipeline.  

To register for the meeting, contact the Marion County Farm Bureau at 548-2100, the Wayne County Farm Bureau 842-33-42 or the Clay County Farm Bureau at 665-3300.

Members of the Regional Coalition against the Closure of Murray Center are celebrating this week after a number of successful funding drives last week raised around $10,000 for the Murray Parents Association, according to preliminary numbers.

Centralia Economic Development Director Kala Lambert says that funds derived from the Centralia High School Pasta Luncheon, the donation card campaign at local businesses, and the People's National Bank Lunch Sales add up to the five figure total. Funds derived from the Murray Center "Selfie" Campaign through Community Trust Bank have yet to be counted, meaning the number will climb higher as the last donations pour in.

But the Celebrate Murray Center week isn't the the end of Murray Center events this year. The "Murray Celebration" will take place for Murray Residents, Staff, family and friends later this month on October 5th on the grounds of the Murray Developmental Center. 

Public concern over the Ebola virus is hitting new highs in the United States after a Dallas man contracted the virus after visiting disease-ravaged Liberia and possibly exposed around 16 Americans before being contained. The appearance of Ebola in the United States has sent the Center for Disease Control into overdrive to keep the virus from spreading, and has even caught the attention of local health departments.

Marion County Health Department Director of Nursing Shelly Yoder says that area residents should be aware of the situation unfolding in Texas.

"The health department monitors for any cases. Marion County residents need to be aware of the virus and be aware of what the signs and symptoms are, but as for the exact risk, that depends on how the United States contains the virus" said Yoder.

Yoder says that the virus can only be transmitted through direct contact with the bodily fluids of an infected individual or an object infected with those fluids. 

"The symptoms can occur anywhere from two to 21 days after exposure. Symptoms could include fever, severe headache, muscle pain, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, or any unexplained bleeding or bruising" Yoder told WJBD.

The disease usually spreads among families or those in close proximity to each other. Yoder says those most at risk are travelers to infected countries in West Africa, namely Liberia, Sierra Leona, Guinea, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Senegal.

Ebola was first discovered in Africa in the late 1970's. It's recent resurgence has created a humanitarian crisis throughout the African continent, with hundreds dying of the virus each day.

Salem Police say a 49-year-old Salem woman who stabbed a man staying at her house in the back had earlier hit him twice in the head with a baseball bat.  

Laura Holstlaw of South College Street was formally charged in Marion County Court on Tuesday with two counts of aggravated domestic battery and two counts of aggravated battery.  Bond was set at $50,000 after Judge Mark Stedelin found probable cause to hold Holstlaw on the charges. 

The victim, 35-year-old Sean Dean, was taken to Salem Township Hospital and later airlifted to a St. Louis Hospital.  Salem Police report Dean has now been released from the hospital.  He was treated for both head injuries and the stab wound to his back.

Dean, who is originally from Evansville, Indiana, is identified as the boyfriend of Holstlaw's daughter.  She was at work at the time the argument occurred.  

Salem Police are still trying to confirm how many were at the home.  They also say the cause of the argument has not been determined.  Police say there is no indication Dean had any weapon at the time he was allegedly attacked.  

If released on bond, Holstlaw was ordered to have no contact with the victim.  

A 37-year-old Decatur woman has been sentenced in Marion County Court to the minimum four year prison sentence for criminal sexual assault.  

Robin Frazier was found guilty earlier in a Marion County bench trial presided over by Judge Mark Stedelin.  She was accused of having sexual relations with a resident of a children's home for troubled youth where she worked.  

Public Defender Matthew Chancey told Stedelin that Frazier would not make a statement on her own behalf apologizing for her actions, because she maintains her innocence.   He also indicated the guilty verdict would be appealed.   

Prosecutors presented no additional evidence, while Chancey presented five letters in support of Frazier's character.  The probation department also completed a presentence investigation.  

Frazier was accused of committing the sex act with the girl in a room at the Guest House motel in Salem in July 2011.  The incident occurred after she allegedly helped the girl escape from Kemmerer Village in Decatur and agreeing to take the girl to her home in Mt. Vernon. 

Judge Stedelin denied a request to release Frazier on an appeal bond or give her a one week stay before she had to begin serving her prison term. 

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