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The entire community is being asked to pull together in prayer on Thursday for 14-year-old Weston McGhee as he is scheduled for a 16 to 18 hour surgery to try and repair damage to his brain sustained in a traffic crash between the car in which he was a passenger and a garbage truck last month.  

McGhee has remained in critical condition at Children's Hospital in St. Louis since the crash occurred.  

Several Salem area churches will be open throughout the day on Thursday for those who would like to come out and pray and lift up Weston and the medical team.  They are the Grace Nazarene Church, Salem Lutheran Church, and the Grace United Methodist Church.   

Everyone is also being asked to wear their Superman shirts that have come to symbolize the support for Weston to stay strong.   

A 23-year-old Salem woman charged with two counts of first degree murder in connection with the death of her three month old daughter last week will be represented by the Public Defender.  

Christina Thomason of North Trenary Street had indicated at her first court appearance that she was hoping to hire her own attorney.  Lead Public Defender Matt Chancey was appointed by Judge Mark Stedelin to represent Thomason.  

A preliminary hearing in the case was set for April 21st at one pm.  

Thomason is accused of causing young Aribella Thomason to suffocate by placing blankets over her head.  She remains in the Marion County Jail in lieu of $1,000,000 bond. 

WASHINGTON (AP) - Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid's decision to retire has sparked a very public feud between the No. 2 and No. 3 Senate Democrats, Dick Durbin of Illinois and Chuck Schumer of New York.

The two are longtime colleagues and former housemates in a group home on Capitol Hill who have clashed for power in the past.

This time, Durbin stood aside in the hours before Reid's retirement became public Friday morning, throwing his backing to Schumer and allowing the outspoken New Yorker to lock up support for the job of Democratic leader. Reid, D-Nev., publicly blessed Schumer, long seen as his likeliest successor, and Democrats hoped a messy leadership fight had been avoided.

The mess was still to come.

According to Durbin's version of events, in the same conversation where Durbin told Schumer he would not challenge him for leader, Schumer pledged his support for Durbin to hang onto the No. 2 job as Democratic whip.

According to Schumer, that never happened.

Remarkably, for a town that thrives on anonymous gossip, spokesmen for both men have taken the disagreement public.

Durbin spokesman Ben Marter is telling Durbin's side of the story to anyone who asks, asserting, "The two senators agreed to support one another, and shook hands on the deal."

Schumer spokesman Matt House, whose office is just across the hall on the ornate third floor of the Capitol, is disputing Durbin's version of events just as openly, insisting, "That did not happen, and they know it."'

Reid himself waded into the dispute between his lieutenants Wednesday, giving an interview to CNBC in which he noted that the leadership election remains nearly two years away, and counseled all involved to "just sit down, relax." Although Durbin's staff says Reid privately backed Durbin for whip, Reid said in the interview he would not be taking sides. 

Waiting in the wings is Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., now No. 4 in the leadership echelon. She is being talked about for the whip job and would likely have support from a number of fellow women senators. Murray is carefully leaving the door open, backing Schumer for leader but declining to weigh in on the question of whether Durbin should stay on as his No. 2.

"I'm always open to whatever opportunity is there to make sure that I can be the strongest voice possible for the people of our state," she told reporters at an event earlier this week in Seattle, adding that for now she's focused on her own re-election race in Washington state, and on getting a budget passed.

Schumer is not publicly backing Murray. But the fact that he is refusing to endorse Durbin to remain in his current job has created the impression that the combative New Yorker is maneuvering to push the more mild-mannered Illinoisan out the door.

Durbin and Schumer roomed together for 22 years in a row house on Capitol Hill owned by former California Rep. George Miller, until Miller sold the house last year. The living arrangement was the basis for the Amazon series "Alpha House."

Yet for a long while both eyed the top Senate job. Over time, Schumer outmaneuvered Durbin, winning over fellow Democrats with his fundraising prowess and skill as a political tactician and spokesman for his party.

All in all, it's far from the bloodless succession Reid seemed to be aiming for when he anointed Schumer to succeed him. Reid said then that he intended to focus on helping Democrats regain the Senate majority they lost in last fall's midterm bloodletting, rather than on his own re-election.

And yet, given that there has been no opening in the top ranks of Democratic leadership since Reid locked up the top job more than a decade ago, some turmoil may be inevitable.

"Given Sen. Reid's lock on the top position for the last 12 years it's not surprising that there's a little bit of jockeying going on as leadership slots open up," said Jim Manley, a former, longtime Senate staffer who worked for Reid.

Two Sandoval Students Honored

Sierra Schadler receives her Golden Hawk recognition from Superintendent Jennifer Garrison.

Garrett Bates receives Golden Hawk Award from Superintendent Jennifer Garrison.

















Sandoval High School presented two Golden Hawk Awards to students on Wednesday for their outstanding behavior.   

Garrett Bates was recognized for his excellent commitment to the high schools recycling program. Each week Bates collects paper from all the classrooms and then takes it to the Centralia Recycling center during his own time and using his own vehicle to get there. 

The second award was given to Sierra Schadler. She was recognized for her outstanding ability to help other students in the school and always lends a helping hand to any fellow student or staff member.

Superintendent Jennifer Garrison presented the awards prior on Wednesday just before Sandoval began its Spring break.

A double wide mobile home has been destroyed by fire north of Mt. Vernon in Jefferson County.

Jefferson Rural Firemen say the fire was at the Braddy residence on Meadows Road off Route 37 North.  Some of the family members were home when the fire broke out around ten Tuesday morning, but all got out of the home safely.  

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.  Mt. Vernon firemen provided mutual aide assistance.  Firemen were on the scene for about three hours.

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