Centralia Police Say Counterfeit Money Continues to Be Passed in Area
Police Say Bills 'Easily Detectable as Counterfeit,' As Long as Preventable Measures Are Taken Correctly
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The Centralia Police Department has received multiple reports of people using or attempting to use counterfeit money in recent weeks. They say the problem is not confined to the Centralia area as other surrounding agencies are reporting the same problem.

The bills being circulated are of average quality but 'easily detectable as counterfeit,' as long as preventable measures are taken correctly. The denominations involved are $100, $50, and $20 bills.

The Centralia Police Department urge businesses to familiarize themselves and their staffers with the color, clarity, quality and safety features of American currency so they can detect fake bills. The department also warns citizens to use caution and closely inspect any money they are accepting.

Tips for detecting counterfeit money can be found on the U.S. Treasure website. Additionally, police say the devices that help differentiate between real and fake bills, such as the Dri Mark Products Tri-Test Ultraviolet Counterfeit Detection System, can be purchased.

Salem Police say they had some issues with counterfeit bills a few months ago, but no other issues have surfaced recently.


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