• Nicole Voss

    A 36-year-old Beckemeyer woman faces new multiple charges in Clinton County Court, including reckless homicide, in the aftermath of running over her 2-year-old son in the driveway at a Keyesport home last August.

    Nicole Voss is accused of having meth in her system at the time of her son's death. In addition to reckless homicide, Voss has been charged with four counts of aggravated driving under the influence and driving on a revoked license. Bond was set at $250,000.

    Police investigators believe the boy had climbed out of the car unnoticed possibly to get a toy he had dropped as Nicole Voss was getting ready to leave the Keyesport home.

    The Belleville News-Democrat says a friend, Charlotte Revell, told police that Voss had developed a meth addiction and had been awake for seven days straight prior to her son's death. Revell indicated she and Voss had gone to the home to get meth, but the resident Ryan Rensing said he did not have any.

    The paper also reports another witness, Michael Krummel, told police after the child was run over, Voss did not immediately rush to give aid, but instead went back to the vehicle, removed and then hid a plastic bag.

    While the investigation into the case ended last October, no charges were filed at that time due to pending lab work.

    The Belleville News-Democrat also notes Voss has been arrested at least three times since her son's death, including March 12th in Lebanon where she allegedly possessed less than five grams of meth. In that case and again in February in Clinton County, Voss was charged with felony offenses of driving with a revoked or suspended license.

  • CHICAGO (AP) - Voters in the Illinois county that includes Chicago have backed the recreational use of marijuana in a nonbinding referendum.

    Tuesday's question for Cook County voters asked if Illinois should legalize "the cultivation, manufacture, distribution, testing, and sale of marijuana and marijuana products for recreational use by adults 21 and older."

    Although the referendum is advisory only, the vote could help state lawmakers make their case for the legalization of marijuana use.

    Supporters of legalizing and taxing marijuana for adults contend it could boost revenue for state and local governments, as it has elsewhere. Opponents of legalized marijuana use have raised questions about the social cost and subversion of federal laws.

  • Apostolic Christian Academy held their 3rd Quarter Awards Day yesterday. Students received awards for No Homework, Perfect Attendance, Scripture Memorization and various other accomplishments.

    Highest Grade Average awards were as follows:

    K-2: Emersyn Hanselman 99.16%

    3-5: Mekhi Moore 99.25%

    6-8: Sam Barcroft 98.9%

    Honor Roll awards were as follows: Pastor's Honor Roll (94-100%)

    Ella Lange

    Carter Moore

    Kevan Moore

    Mekhi Moore

    Tristan Propes

    Jade Rakestraw

    Evan Stanford

    Eli Stratton

    Noah Stratton

    Jonathan Burner

    Macy Childers

    Hayden Geier

    Liliana Grubb

    Baylie Purcell

    Alexander Powell

    Addylyn Barbre

    Liam Donoho

    Emersyn Hanselman

    Nicolas Korn

    Cameron Slater

    Logan Butts

    Ella Childers

    Gabe Johnson

    Nate Lowry

    Reagan Shuler

    Richard Sloss

    Sam Barcroft

    Jaxson Burner

    Isaac Kelley

    Trista Moore

    Zachary Moore

    Archer Rittenhouse

    Principal's Honor Roll (88-93%)

    Christopher Byers

    Madison Jenkins

    Emma Wood

    Jersey Yardley

    Wren Jackson

    Vivian Cripps

    Zyria Hays

    Elaina Lowery

    Rylan Moore

    Elena VanHoutin

  • Taylor Rogers

    A 27-year-old Centralia resident has been charged with two counts of unlawful possession of a controlled substance.

    Taylor Rogers of Bonanza Drive is charged in both counts with possession of heroin. She was arrested by Centralia Police on Monday after allegedly found hiding in the basement of her home with a man. Police had responded with EMS to a medical call at the residence.

    Police report Rogers gave permission to a search of her room and wallet after being located in the basement. Police allegedly found a half gram of heroin powder and a folded piece of paper with meth inside her wallet. 29 used and uncapped syringes were also allegedly found.

  • Marion County Sheriff's Deputies say a fire hydrant was taken out in a traffic crash Tuesday morning that resulted in low or no water pressure and a boil order on the entire Northeast Marion County Water Company.

    Deputies say the crash occurred when 36-year-old Trisha Delaney of Seven Hills Road in Odin was northbound on Seven Hills Road at the Tonti Road intersection. The passenger side of her car was struck by a westbound car on Tonti road driven by 44-year-old Jeffrey Brockway of Monroe Drive in Salem. After impact, the Delaney car ran off the northwest corner of the intersection and took out both the stop sign and water hydrant.

    Sandoval EMS was called to the scene, but neither driver was transported to a hospital.

    The crash occurred at 8:33 Tuesday morning.