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Wayne County Election News

Results for Wayne County:      (24 of 28 precincts)

Constitution Amendment on Pensions: 

Yes 2679

No   2423

For President of U.S.:

Mitt Romney (REP)  4664     

Barack Obama (DEM)  1175

Gary Johnson (LIB)  116

Jill Stein (GREEN)  27

Write In  14

For 15th District Congressman:

John Shimkus (REP)  4781

Angela Michael (DEM)  1109

For State Senate 55th District:

Dale Righter (REP)  5013

For State Representative 109th District:

David Reis (REP)  5284

For Circuit Clerk:  

Sharon Gualdoni (REP)  5323

For States Attorney:

David Williams (REP)  4872

For Coroner:

Jimmy Taylor (DEM)  4902

Educational Service Region (Clay-Crawford-Jasper-Lawrence-Richland) For Regional Superintendent of Schools

Monte Newlin (DEM)  141

For Wayne County Board District 2

(vote for two)

Robert Pearce (REP)  535

Gordon Endsley (DEM)  377  

John Forth (DEM)  179

For Wayne County Board District 3

(vote for two)

Shirley MacDavid (REP)  525  

Larry Barbre (REP)  474

Patricia White (DEM)  267

Jeff Grieve Sr (DEM)  135

For Wayne County Board District 5

(vote for two)

Herman Simpson (REP) 494

Elizabeth Woodrow (REP) 490 

John Keoughan Jr (DEM)  410

For Appellate Judge 5th Judicial District

Stephen McGlynn (REP)  3607

Judy Cates (DEM)  1852

For Judge of the 2nd Judicial Circuit

Eric Dirnbeck (DEM)  3866

Judicial Retention:

Melissa Ann Chapman

Yes 3527

No 1506

Melissa A. Drew  

Yes  3524

No  1527

Christopher L. Weber  

Yes  3460

No  1446

Xenia Fire - Increase Number of Trustees  

Yes  9

No  0

Xenia Fire - Elect Trustees  

Yes  9

No   0

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