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Multi-County Election Races

Multi-County Election Races:   MOST RACES ARE FINAL

Constitution Amendment on Pensions: 

Yes  2,144,544  56%


For President of U.S.:

Mitt Romney (REP)  52,207,423  49%

Barack Obama (DEM)  52,807,725  50%

Other  1,595,718  1%

For 15th District Congressman:

John Shimkus (REP)  199,415  69%

Angela Michael (DEM)  90,509  31%

For 12th District Congressman:

Jason Plummer (REP)   126,821  43%

Bill Enyart (DEM)   151,034  51%

Paula Bradshaw (Grn)  16,223  6%

For State Senate 54th District:

Kyle McCarter (REP)  58,628  62%

Danny Stover (DEM)  35,445  35%

For State Senate 58th District:

David Luechtefeld (REP)   53,325  61%

Michael Bigler (DEM)  34,030  39%

For State Senate 55th District:

Dale Righter (REP)  100%

For State Representative 108th District:

Charles Meier (REP)  33,412  67%

Daniel Polites (DEM)  16,723  33%

For State Representative 107th District:

John Cavaletto (REP)  100%

For State Representative 109th District:

David Reis (REP)  100%

For State Representative 115th District:

Mike Bost (REP)  100%

For Appellate Judge 5th Judicial District:

Stephen McGlynn (REP)  204,290  49%

Judy Cates (DEM)  213,867  51%

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