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Marion County Election News


Constitution Amendment on Pensions:

Yes      6392

No        6475

For President of U.S.:

Mitt Romney (REP)       9229

Barack Obama (DEM)    6210

Gary Johnson (LIB)     212

Jill Stein (GREEN)    77

For 15th District Congressman:

John Shimkus (REP)      10510

Angela Michael (DEM)     5040

For State Senate 54th District:

Kyle McCarter (REP)     7432

Danny Stover (DEM)     7941

For State Represenative 107th District:

John Cavaletto (REP)     13547

For Circuit Clerk:  

Ronda Yates (DEM)    12975

For States Attorney:

Matthew Scott Wilzbach (DEM)    12291

For Coroner:

Troy Cannon (REP)      9033

Greg Dodson (DEM)    6198

For Supervisor of Assessments:

Patty Brough        11811

For Marion County Board District 1 (FINAL)

(vote for three)

Doris M. Purcell (REP)       1756        WINNER

Sharon K. Woodward (REP)  1757     WINNER

Dustin Rose (REP)   1624                   WINNER

Pam Hawkins (DEM)    1539

Dick Hanks (DEM)     1469

For Marion County Board District 2 (FINAL)

(vote for three)

Michael D. Ice (REP)     1755             WINNER

Creighton Engel (REP)     1657         WINNER

Erwin Hahn (REP)    1596                  WINNER

Richard Sinclair (DEM)     1262

Earl M. White (DEM)    864

Ron Neilson (DEM)  898

For Marion County Board District 3 (FINAL)

(vote for three)

Micah Mulvany (REP)        1693          WINNER

Terry R. Johnston (DEM)  1580           WINNER

Gregory A. Smith (DEM)    1508          WINNER

Bruce Parrish (DEM)         1386

For Marion County Board District 4  (FINAL)

(vote for three)

Tabitha Meador (REP)   1693          WINNER

Gary Joe Sanders (DEM) 1526        WINNER

Michael Reed (DEM) 1505               WINNER

Marion 'Bunny' Garrett (DEM) 1406

For Marion County Board District 5 (FINAL)

(vote for three)

Bill Henson (REP) 1156

Debbie Smith (REP) 1269                 WINNER

Benjamin Stratemeyer (REP)  1082

Louis L. Fogleman (DEM)  1201        WINNER

Nicholas Heath (DEM)  1063

Debra Young (DEM)  1473                 WINNER                                                                                   

For Appellate Judge 5th Judicial District

Stephen McGlynn (REP)     7420

Judy Cates (DEM)     7361

Judicial Retention:

Melissa Ann Chapman

Yes  10395

No   3213

Ron Spears

Yes  10095

No  3384

Sherri L.E. Tungate

Yes 10444

No  3212

Daniel E. Hartigan

Yes  9949

No  3352

Kimberly G. Koester

Yes 9808

No  3262

Shall The City of Centralia arrange for supply of electricity for its residential and small commercial retail customers:

Yes  2218

No    1339

Shall The City of Salem arrange for supply of electricity for its residential and small commercial retail customers:

Yes       1619

No         977

Farrington $150,000 School Bond Issue

Yes  6

No    1

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