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Fayette County Election News

Results for Fayette County:                 (32 of 32 precincts)

Constitution Amendment on Pensions: 

Yes    3413

No      3798

For President of U.S.:

Mitt Romney (REP)        5950

Barack Obama (DEM)    2848

Gary Johnson (LIB)         117

Jill Stein (GREEN)           48

Write In                            43

For 15th District Congressman:

John Shimkus (REP)      6384

Angela Michael (DEM)    2492

For State Senate 54th District:  

Kyle McCarter (REP)   5632

Danny Stover (DEM)   3136

For State Representative 107th District:

John Cavaletto (REP)    7430

For Circuit Clerk:  

Mary Ruot (DEM)         3973

Kathy Emerick (REP)   4898

For States Attorney:

J. Matthew Chancey (DEM)  3430

Joshua Morrison (REP)         5305

For Coroner:

Bruce Bowen (REP)  7855

Educational Service Region (Bond-Effingham-Fayette) For Regional Superintendent Of Schools 

Julie Wollerman (DEM)  6324

Educational Service Region (Christian-Montgomery) For Regional Superintendent Of Schools 

Marchelle Kassebaum (REP) 4

For Fayette County Board District 6 

(vote for two)

Glenn Gurtner (REP) 731

Bryce Kistler (REP)         616

Joe Kelly (DEM)              621

For Appellate Judge 5th Judicial District

Stephen McGlynn (REP)   5023

Judy Cates (DEM)             3391

Judicial Retention:

Melissa Ann Chapman

Yes   5615

No     2198

Ron Spears

Yes  5453

No    2294

Sherri L.E. Tungate

Yes 5431

No   2259

Daniel E. Hartigan

Yes  5427

No    2249

Kimberly G. Koester

Yes 5054

No   1998

Proposed Mulberry Grove Fire District - Annexation (3 of 3)  

For Joining         181

Against Joining   214

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