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Hello readers of WJBDradio.com.  As the title suggests, my name is Garrett Ford.  I'm a 2008 graduate of Centralia High School and 2009 graduate of Kaskaskia College.  Now I spend most of my time at SIUC studying Radio-Television and Political Science.  When I'm not slaving away at the textbooks, I still hang around WJBD anchoring the Sunday morning and noon newscasts a few times a month.  Every now and then I (metaphorically, now) spin the records, too.  Despite being 20 years old, I sport a long white beard and have a seemingly 19th-century look, as you can see in my fine portrait.  You just can't go wrong with the classics when it comes to appearance. 

While you're here on WJBD Online, I would suggest checking out our Business Directory.  You may be wondering why I would suggest such a thing.  Well, my only claim to fame on this website is that I hand-entered all but a few of the 1,839 of the businesses in our directory, so if you visit it, I'll feel like my work was worthwhile. 

Also, my e-mail address is listed above.  Don't hesitate to drop me a line.  

Favorite WJBD artists:  Billy Joel, Sir Elton John, Queen, Fleetwood Mac

Favorite non-WJBD group:  Neil Diamond, Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel

Favorite TV Show:  SeinfeldFuture Career Goal:  Political reporter

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