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WJBD - National News - New Donald Sterling Recording: ‘I’m Not a Racist!’

New Donald Sterling Recording: ‘I’m Not a Racist!’

ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- A new recording of Los Angeles Clipper owner Donald Sterling reacting to the scandal that enveloped him has been posted online, with Sterling yelling “You know I’m not a racist!” to an unidentified listener.

The audio recording was posted by RadarOnline Thursday, and ABC News confirmed it contains the voice of Sterling.

“You think I’m a racist? You think I have anything in the world but love for everybody? You don’t think that! You know I’m not a racist!” he yells.

A previous audio tape of Sterling released by TMZ contained the Clippers’ owner telling his girlfriend, Vanessa Stiviano, that she should not bring black people to Clippers games or post photos of herself with black people on Instagram, including Magic Johnson. When the audio was leaked and posted online, the NBA and public reacted with outrage.

The NBA banned Sterling for life and said it would encourage NBA franchise owners to vote to force a sale of the Clippers.

“It breaks my heart that Magic Johnson, a guy that I respect so much, wouldn’t stand up and say, ‘Well let’s get the facts. Let’s get him and talk to him.’ Nobody tried. Nobody!” he bellows on the new tape.

“You can’t force someone to sell property in America,” Sterling says over the proposed forced sale. “Well, I’m a lawyer, that’s my opinion.”

He also stands by his belief that he’s not racist, explaining his reasoning to the person on the recording with him. Sterling says that he was the president of his high school in East L.A., which had a large black and Hispanic population.

“I was the president of the high school there. I mean, and I’m a Jew!” he says. “So I mean, people must have a good feeling for me.”

“How can you be in this business and be a racist? Do you think I tell the coach to get white players? Or to get the best player he can get?” he says.

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