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Photo Courtesy Salem Swordfish Facebook

Photo Courtesy Salem Swordfish Facebook

Salem Dominates SISL Championships

The Salem Swordfish pierced the competition en route to their first Southern Illinois Swim League championship Saturday in Herrin.

Salem jumped out to an early lead and swam away with a 160-point victory. The Swordfish totaled 687.5 points. DuQuoin was a distant second with 527.5 points.

Salem took first place in 44 of the 82 events on the day despite having the smallest roster among the five teams in the league. Salem Head Coach Susan Jukes says it's simply quality over quantity.

"I think it's not always the number of swimmers you have, it's the quality of swimmers you have. Salem definitely has the quality. We don't have the quantity, but we definitely have quality."

Salem's 44 event wins spanned every age group, and Jukes recognized the benefit of the depth her team has.

"We're pretty deep as in talent. I bet no matter what age group you get into, I'm going to have somebody getting into those top three spots."

Salem Community High School senior Allie Hood, who swept her events on Saturday, accomplished what she sent out to do at the SISL meet.

"That's the whole purpose, coming here and winning and doing it with as much respect as we can."

Josh Nordike, a recent graduate of Carlyle high School who swims for the Swordfish, swept his events and anchored Salem's 200-meter relay team that also took first place. Nordike plans to swim at the collegiate level.

"I'm going to be a freshman at Cleveland State University in Ohio and I'm going into business for now."

Nordike is one of several non-Salem residents who swims for the Swordfish for one of several reasons, as Salem Swordfish President Eric Bandy explained.

"We have kids from Carlyle, Effingham, Vandalia. We do have a few kids from Mt. Vernon this year because they're in flux with pool, and Centralia because they don't have a summer team anymore."

DuQuoim, Herrin, Anna, and Marion were the other teams to compete at the SISL Championships on Saturday.

Final Standings:

1.  Salem 687.5

2.  DuQuoin 527.5

3.  Herrin 492

4.  Marion 298

5.  Anna 183

Salem's First-Place Finishers:

Boys 7-8 100m Medley Relay (Logan Bandy, Alek Bandy, Jairen Stroud, Brogan Gregg) - 1:37,14

Girls 7-8 100m Medley Relay (Sophia Mayer, Ally Holmes, Caroline Foltz, Mikah Montgomery) - 1:52.30

Boys 11-12 200m Medley Relay (Caden Cole, Keegan Rutledge-Jukes, Haddon Lybarger, Isaac Richards) - 2:41.49

Boys 15-18 200m Medley Relay (H.A. Evans, Peter Keller, Josh Nordike, Jacob Maxey) - 2:00.58

Girls 15-18 200m Medley Relay (Alexa Garden, Ashley Ball, Allie Hood, Mikaela Montgomery) - 2:24.17

Boys 7-8 25m Butterfly (Jairen Stroud) - 20.65

Girls 7-8 25m Butterfly (Caroline Foltz) - 18.59

Girls 9-10 25m Butterfly (Maggie Telford) - 16.00

Boys 15-18 50m Butterfly (Josh Nordike) - 26.91

Girls 15-18 50m Butterfly (Allie Hood) - 32.99

Girls 6u 25m Freestyle (Mikah Montgomery) - 22.83

Boys 7-8 25m Freestyle (Brogan Gregg) - 18.39

Boys 9-10 25m Freestyle (Haddon Lybarger) - 15.67

Girls 9-10 25m Freestyle (Meesha Montgomery) - 16.19

Boys 15-18 50m Freestyle (Josh Nordike) - 24.53

Girls 15-18 50m Freestyle (Mikaela Montgomery) - 28.42

Boys 9-10 100m Individual Medley (Keegan Rutledge-Jukes) - 1:34.63

Girls 9-10 100m Individual Medley (Maggie Telford) - 1:19.50

Girls 13-14 100m Individual Medley (Grace Foltz) - 1:15.19

Boys 15-18 100m Individual Medley (Josh Nordike) - 1:04.30

Girls 15-18 100m Individual Medley (Allie Hood) - 1:15.20

Boys 7-8 25m Backstroke (Jairen Stroud) - 22.83

Girls 9-10 25m Backstroke (Meesha Montgomery) - 20.30

Boys 15-18 100m Backstroke (H.A. Evans) - 1:08.10

Girls 15-18 100m Backstroke (Mikaela Montgomery) - 1:11.21

Boys 7-8 50m Freestyle (Brogan Gregg) - 40.32

Girls 7-8 50m Freestyle (Caroline Foltz) - 37.67

Boys 9-10 50m Freestyle (Haddon Lybarger) - 34.38

Girls 9-10 50m Freestyle (Makoa Montgomery) - 34.34

Boys 11-12 100m Freestyle (Caden Cole) - 1:11.07

Girls 13-14 100m Freestyle (Grace Foltz) - 1:05.41

Girls 15-18 100m Freestyle (Mikaela Montgomery) - 1:02.23

Boys 7-8 25m Breaststroke (Brogan Gregg) - 25.07

Girls 7-8 25m Breaststroke (Caroline Foltz) - 23.25

Boys 9-10 25m Breaststroke (Keegan Rutledge-Jukes) - 20.62

Girls 9-10 25m Breaststroke (Maggie Telford) - 19.50

Girls 13-14 50m Breaststroke (Grace Foltz) - 37.56

Boys 15-18 100m Breaststroke (H.A. Evans) - 1:12.61

Girls 15-18 100m Breaststroke (Allie Hood) - 1:23.96

Boys 7-8 100m Freestyle Relay (Alek Bandy, Logan Bandy, Brogan Gregg, Jairen Stroud) - 1:24.05

Girls 7-8 100m Freestyle Relay (Ally Holmes, Taylor Morgan, Mikah Montgomery, Caroline Foltz) - 1:33.45

Girls 9-10 100m Freestyle Relay (Makoa Montgomery, Makayla Becker, Meesha Montgomery, Maggie Telford) - 1:07.19

Boys 15-18 200m Freestyle Relay (Jacob Maxey, H.A. Evans, Peter Keller, Josh Nordike) - 1:48.15

Girls 15-18 200m Freestyle Relay (Alexa Garden, Ashley Ball, Allie Hood, Mikaela Montgomery) - 2:07.68

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