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WJBD - Local News - Wamac Couple Reportedly Gets Away With Salem Wal-Mart Crime Spree Until They Get In A Fight On the Parking Lot

Wamac Couple Reportedly Gets Away With Salem Wal-Mart Crime Spree Until They Get In A Fight On the Parking Lot

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

Marion County Sheriff's Deputies say a Wamac husband and wife successfully left the Salem Wal-mart store with $2,400 in stolen merchandise Monday and didn't attract the attention of store personnel until after getting in a fight in the parking lot.  

A Marion County Deputy was able to catch up with the car in Sandoval.  It was occupied by 21-year-old Jared Rick and 25-year-old Ashley Rick of South Irvington Street in Sandoval.  The deputy became suspicious about the large number of items laying in the car.  While the two were initially released, a check of video surveillance at the Wal-mart store confirmed the parking lot fight as well as the alleged theft of items inside the store.  

Deputies then traveled to the Rick home where they had reportedly laid out all the stolen items on the floor of their home.  At that time both were taken into custody for felony retail theft.  Jared Rick was also arrested for domestic battery based on the altercation in the parking lot.  

A further review of video surveillance showed the two making their way through the store for about three hours, ripping open packaging and taking a wide variety of items from cameras, tools, electronics, vehicle maintenance equipment and jewelry.  Jared Rick had a charge of felony criminal damage to property added for allegedly breaking into the jewelry case at the store.  

Deputies say the two had managed to hide the table full of stolen items on their person and in a purse and diaper bag before walked out of the store undetected.  Deputies say it was not clear what started the argument that eventually led to the arrest of the two.  

Three sheriff's deputies and a Salem Police officer went on what was described as a 'big scavenger hunt' looking for the packaging from the stolen items that had been hidden in shoe boxes and other merchandise in the store.  

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