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WJBD - Local News - Union Rep Says Menard Inmate was Murdered

Union Rep Says Menard Inmate was Murdered

By Metro Source

(Chester, IL)  --  The union that represents guards at the Menard Correctional Center at Chester says a Thursday night death being labeled as 'suspicious' at the prison was actually a murder.  Ty Petersen, with AFSCME Council 31, says the inmate was murdered by his cellmate who is locked up for life.  Peterson warns this will not be the last time this happens, if Governor Quinn doesn't do something soon.  "Our inmates have been told by inmates that there will be more murders.  There will be more deaths.  We hope and pray that it will not be staff," Peterson said.

Petersen says the motive is unclear.  "We don't know the motive.  Behavior of inmates are radical at times.  This just happened to be an incident in a segregation cell where you had double cell inmates in a segregation cell and apparently one inmate didn't want the other with him," Peterson said.

AFSMCE warned that this type of behavior would occur if Tamms was shut down.  The union fought to keep the facility open but a judge gave Governor Quinn the go ahead to shutter the prison back in December.  The inmate who murdered his cellmate would've been sent to Tamms after this incident but now, he'll simply be sent to another Maximum Security prison.

Randolph County Coroner Randy Dudenbostel says the inmate was 25-year old Jason Hall. Dudenbostel conducted an autopsy Friday and called Hall's death suspicious but would release no other information because of an ongoing investigation.   Hall was serving a 13-year sentence for vehicular hijacking with a weapon in 2009 in Cook County.  State records show he was scheduled to be paroled in November 2015.

The Illinois Department of Corrections released a statement saying only an investigation is under way.

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