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WJBD - Local News - Two Arrested on Meth Charges Following Bust On Home West Of Salem

Two Arrested on Meth Charges Following Bust On Home West Of Salem

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

Two occupants of a home on the west side of Salem where meth manufacturing materials and waste were found during execution of a search warrant were formally charged in Marion County Court on Tuesday.

Bond for 22-year-old Christopher Keech of 13-14 East Poplar was set at $75,000 on charges of unlawful possession of weapons by a felon, unlawful possession of meth manufacturing materials, and possession of meth manufacturing waste. Bond for 22-year-old Timothy Pomeroy of the same address was set at $50,000 for unlawful possession of meth manufacturing materials and unlawful possession of meth waste.

 Marion County State's Attorney Matt Wilzbach says five teenagers of high school age were present when a search warrant was executed on the home Sunday night. They told Marion County Sheriff's Deputies they were at the home to buy the synthetic drug K-2. Wilzbach says in addition to recovering a number of ingredients used in the manufacture of meth, he reports six to seven full bags of K-2 and about 70 empty bags were found. Wilzbach says if lab tests are positive that the synthetic drugs contain an illegal substance, additional charges could be filed. He reports none of the juveniles were in possession of any drugs and were released after questioning.

 Wilzbach says sheriff's deputies stumbled upon the house when initially going to the door to inquire if the residents had seen any suspicious activity after a gas can was stolen from nearby Showtime Auto. The first search warrant for the home was sought after deputies smelled a strong odor of cannabis.  Deputies pulled out of the home when seeing the other drugs and two guns until they could obtain an additional search warrant that included those items.

 Keech is charged with having a 12 gauge shotgun and .22 caliber pistol in the home that were illegal because he has a prior felony conviction.

 Both men had the public defender appointed to represent them.

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