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WJBD - Local News - Tri-County Institute Speaker Encouraged Teachers To Do More Than Average

Joe Martin Holding His Book

Bryan Harris Gives Look At The 'Inside Of A Teen's Brain'

Tri-County Institute Speaker Encouraged Teachers To Do More Than Average

By Christian Boyles, WJBD News

Educational consultant Joe Martin visited the Tri-County Institute at Centralia High School on Friday to work on teaching methods.

Martin is known for his award-winning speech skills and for being the youngest person to teach at a state university in Florida.  He won the "Distinguished Teacher Award" twice. Having spoken at over 750 settings to help teaching faculties across the country, Martin has been nominated "Speaker of the Year" by Campus Activities Magazine. He is recognized as one of "America's Top Motivational Professors."

Martin is very successful now, but he said he had a rough childhood and his teachers never motivated him. He said it's irritating to look back and realize that most teachers are only "average to suck."

"Students who are succeeding in America are succeeding in spite of the system, not because of the system because were talking about 3 to 5 teachers who made a profound impact in their life. For me it was two teachers that I remember from school out of 97 teachers, two teachers made a profound impact on me, and I'm doing what I'm doing today. The other 98% of them I can't even remember. That's what I mean when I say most teachers are just average or just plain awful or suck, and most of them fall in the category of average, and the problem is we can't afford to have average teachers in America."

Bryan Harris taught a session on the teenage brain and how it works. Harris gave a speech explaining common brain processes during teenage years. Harris describes the teenage brain as being fuzzy and says there are ways of coping with teens problems.

"The fuzzy brain is this idea that because of myelination, pruning, and frontal lobe development and those kinds of things it could make for some teenagers to experience what we could call a fuzzy brain. Just things aren't as clear as they might be to an adult, so you and I may look at something as an adult we'd look at something and say 'Okay, there's clearly a right way to do this'. The fuzzy brain that a teenager might be experiencing might just not get there as quickly as an adult would so they don't have that miniature adult brain. Their brain is still undergoing growth and development," Harris stated.

Over 150 sessions were held for the Clinton, Marion and Washington County teachers attending the Tri County Conference. Teachers were advised to choose several classes to attend and bring something back with them to assist them in teaching their students.

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