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WJBD - Local News - TLC Big Tiny Stars To Hold Fundraiser for Presents for Potentials in Sandoval Sunday

Brad and Bri Jordan. Provided photo.

TLC Big Tiny Stars To Hold Fundraiser for Presents for Potentials in Sandoval Sunday

By Bruce Kropp

A fundraiser is set for Presents for Potentials at Sandoval High School Sunday afternoon. The foundation is working for a cure towards the form of primordial dwarfism afflicting Brad and Bri Jordan of Sandoval who became nationally known through the TLC channel show 'Big Tiny'.

Their mother, Christy Jordan, is coordinating the fundraiser. "What we are looking at right now is they have found the genes that actually cause primordial dwarfism, but most of all the medical conditions associated with it." said Jordan. "Hopefully for children down the line they will get these conditions treated before they become life threatening."

Jordan says a number of activities are planned for the fund raiser from one to four Sunday afternoon. "We are planning on having a chilli and vegetable soup dinner. We'll also have some crafts and some vendor fairs there, so there will be some vendors. There will be some raffles and t-shirt sales so you can join Team Jordan with Brigette and Bradley. They have designed their own shirts to support the foundation. Everything is donation only. We're really hoping the community will come out. Even if you just come out and see Bradley and Bri because unfortunately we didn't get a chance to have a finally party from the show," said Jordan. "We're hoping some of their fans will come out and get their picture taken with them and meet them. It is a good time just to socialize."

Jordan says the primordial dwarfism that Brand and Bri Jordan experience is very rare, with only 800 in the world having the same affliction. As a result, Jordan says support and research for those with the dwarfism was extremely limited before Presents for Potentials. She notes information from the group most likely saved Brad's life because they were able to diagnose a medical condition early.  

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