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WJBD - Local News - State Senator Kyle McCarter Speaks Out Against Roads and Child-Welfare Funding Bill

State Senator Kyle McCarter Speaks Out Against Roads and Child-Welfare Funding Bill

By Ray Watt, Illinois Senate Press Office

Actions speak louder than words as the old saying goes so apparently Illinois does not have a financial crisis.  The Illinois Legislature wrapped up their week at the Capitol with the Senate giving final approval to a plan that spends an additional $2 billion before the fiscal year ends June 30th.  State Senator Kyle McCarter flies in the face of a harsh fiscal reality.  

"I voted no because we just don't have the money to spend.  At the same time, the Democrats, as their solution, is $8 in new taxes.  That's money right out of our pockets.  They fail to reduce their spending, so one of the first things they pass since they've stepped back into this legislature was to spend over $2 billion more, and I cannot be a part of it", said McCarter.  

Senator McCarter says it's possible to get a hold of the $8 billion budget deficit, the $9 billion in overdue bills, and the $96 billion in underfunded public pensions, but the spending bill passed Thursday is not the solution.  McCarter went on to say that it's not that complicated and that all you need to do is stop spending.  He says there were some justified products in the bill, but some of the products were not holding people accountable, such as funding to bail out the East St. Louis school district. 

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