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WJBD - Local News - State Senator John O. Jones Files Resolution Seeking Misconduct Review of Dept. of Corrections

State Senator John O. Jones Files Resolution Seeking Misconduct Review of Dept. of Corrections

By WJBD News

State Senator John O. Jones has filed a resolution seeking a review of misconduct and mismanagement in the Illinois Department of Corrections.  

Jones is frustrated the Governor's office has not responded to his concerns about what he calls 'negligence and corruption' within the department.  "There is no response from the administration.  So I thought that it was time for it to get a little more attention.  So I filed the resolution asking for the resignation of the director and his top four lieutenants and for the governor to conduct an investigation on what's going on in the prisons with the gangs and the drugs and the like", said Jones.

The resolution also calls for a review of the physical condition, the size and composition of the inmate population and any specific and immediate needs of each correctional facility managed or operated by the state.  

Jones would also like to see public hearings and fact finding that would result in a final report outlining a long-term objective plan for the State's correctional facilities, the populations they hold and the work force needed to best protect the citizens of Illinois by September of next year.   The resolution also urges the Governor not to close any prison facilities proposed to be shuttered.  

Jones says the resolution has been sent to assignments.  He notes if the bill is not assigned before the legislature leaves Springfield next week, it likely will not get a hearing.  

Jones is not optimistic the Governor will change his mind on the prison closures, even if the legislature blocks a supplemental appropriation sought by the Governor to use the money in the Department of Children and Family Services.  

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