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WJBD - Local News - State Sen. McCarter to Run for Re-Election, Discusses Murray Center

State Sen. McCarter to Run for Re-Election, Discusses Murray Center

By Rob Sussman, WJBD News

State Senator Kyle McCarter (R-Lebanon) has announced his intention to run for reelection in 2014 for the 54th State Senate District, covering all or part of Marion, Bond, Clinton, Effingham, Fayette, Madison, St. Clair, and Washington Counties. As part of his announcement, the McCarter embarked on a tour of the district that included a stop in Salem.

McCarter stopped by WJBD radio and took the chance to address some of the key issues most affecting the South Central Illinois Region, including Pension Reform, Job Creation, and the Murray Center issue. McCarter says that current efforts to slow attempts to close the facility through legislation are a good way to go.

"To slow play the state government is a good idea. Hopefully as we slow it down, the Governor will come to his senses and say 'I give up.'" McCarter said.

He says that it would be entirely possible to fund Murray Center if the they could stop government corruption.

"If we eliminated the fraud and the abuse of the systems, we could immediately fund Murray. We wouldn't have to fight to governor if that money was available from the areas where it is being stolen." McCarter said.

McCarter says he plans to confront the pension issue head on, and says that public employees are going to have to experience a cut in benefits in order to solve the state's $100 Billion Pension deficit. He says that the anger the public employees will experience if and when their benefits are cut is nothing compared to the anger they would feel if the state pension system went completely bankrupt.

"I don't think that at this point [not cutting the pension benefits] is possible. It's underfunded by so much, and we've promised so much we can't deliver on." McCarter said, "If people are upset now, imagine how upset they'll be if we lose it all."

McCarter adds that his solution would to be to move future pensions to a private 401k system, similar to that used by most businesses.

McCarter was appointed as the state senator for the 51st Illinois District in February 2009 after the retirement of former Senator Frank Watson. He was re-elected for a two year term in 2010 and again in 2012 for the newly created 54th District.

Click here to see the full WJBD interview with State Sen. Kyle McCarter.

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