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WJBD - Local News - State Legislators Weigh in on Governor's State of the State Address, Spoke of an "Illinois" That's Not

State Legislators Weigh in on Governor's State of the State Address, Spoke of an "Illinois" That's Not

By Will Doolin, WJBD News

Governor Pat Quinn gave his State of the State Address Wednesday, trying to tackle issue issues such as pension reform, the assault weapons ban, and job creation.  However some critics say it sounded more like a campaign speech.  

State Senator Kyle McCarter says if it was election time, Quinn could have picked up a few votes.  McCarter says Quinn described an Illinois that many couldn't identify with.  "He kept talking about 'That's OUR Illinois'.  I'm not sure too many people could identify with his Illinois because it was one that was wishful thinking and one that he had somehow expected us to believe.  Specifically worker's comp has not been reformed.  Worker's comp still has a long ways to go", said McCarter.  

McCarter criticizes Quinn's stance on his "protection of the second amendment", saying he wants to take away everyone's guns, but then protect the second amendment at the same time.  McCarter says for the people he represents in the 54th District, this is not their Illinois.  "Their Illinois is one where the second amendment is protected and that their guns are not being taken away from them.  They're not being mandated that they register their guns, but they have those to protect themselves and their families and their personal properties.  So this is an another Illinois that the common folks of Illinois can recognize", said McCarter.  

McCarter has proposed Senate Bill 1428, which would make it unlawful for any unit of government, law enforcement agency or a licensed federal firearms dealer, to enforce restrictions that limit a citizen's right to a personal firearm, accessory or ammunition that is owned or manufactured in Illinois and that remains exclusively within the state.  Similar laws have been passed in states such as Missouri and Indiana.

State Representative John Cavaletto released a statement Wednesday saying that Quinn has found new ways to spend money the state doesn't have, and that he was left without any sense of leadership.  He criticized Quinn's praise for the "supplemental bill" that was passed earlier this week, for which Cavaletto opposed because of the $2.1 billion that it will cost taxpayers.  He says he failed to hear any solution from the governor on how to pay overdue vendors, municipalities, schools, hospitals, and other facilities.  

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