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WJBD - Local News - South Central Makes Cuts in Sports and Other Activities, Institute New and Higher Fees

South Central Makes Cuts in Sports and Other Activities, Institute New and Higher Fees

The South Central School Board is instituting an athletic fee as well as reducing the number of sports and games played as it wrestles with a budget deficit.   The school board Wednesday night also voted to eliminate all clubs and extra curricular transportation along with unfunded field trips.

Students participating in one athletic activity will have to pay a $40 fee.  Those playing two sports will have a $60 dollar fee.  

Only two sports per gender will be offered next year at both South Central High School and Middle School. Sixth grade basketball, fifth and sixth grade cheerleading, fresh/soph baseball and basketball, and all assistant coaching positions were eliminated.

The board is also limiting the fall baseball season to 12 games plus the conference tournament. Spring baseball will be limited to 20 games plus the state tournament.  Other cuts include one class sponsor from the freshman, sophomore and senior class, the eighth grade class sponsor, as well as the concert band and choral concert sponsors.

The South Central Board has voted to raise registration fees by $10. Drivers education will now cost $100. Athletic admission will go up by $1 and athletic passes by $5.  All student meals will increase by ten cents and adult meals will now cost $2.50.

In personnel news, the board accepted a letter of retirement from Dee Schnarre effective December third.  The resignations of Middle school volleyball coach Stacy Lockhard and high school JV volleyball coach Lydia Middleton were accepted.  The board also approved the leave of absence for Kara Short and Alan Linder as well as the unpaid leave of absence for Sarah Payne.

The board set the meeting to reorganize and seat new board members for May 2nd at seven pm.

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