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WJBD - Local News - Sandoval School Cuts Large Number of Sports and Sponsors to Try and Balance Budget

Sandoval School Cuts Large Number of Sports and Sponsors to Try and Balance Budget

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

The Sandoval School Board has cut a large number of sports and other activities at both the junior and senior high school. However, Superintendent Jennifer Garrison is hopeful volunteer coaches and sponsors as well as fund raising efforts will save many of them for the coming school year.  

Garrison says the cuts needed to be made to keep the district out of the red because once again next year they are facing a $300,000 funding shortfall because the state will continue to pay only 89 percent of what they owe to district's in general state aide.  She is pleased the teacher's association has approved a memorandum of understanding that will waive the stipends paid to coaches and sponsors in activities being cut so volunteers can be sought.    

"Now we hope the community will be able to step forward, give us ideas as well as look for volunteers, how we can still give our students the opportunity to participate in sports or extra curricular activities if they so choose on a cost recovery basis.  The cost recovery means we would be looking for volunteers to either be a sponsor or volunteers to be a coach.  We may also look at fund raising in collaboration with our PTO to pay referees and umpires," said Garrison.  "We'll be doing a lot of brainstorming."  

Sports that were cut include junior varsity girls and boys basketball, junior high boys and girls basketball, junior high baseball, high school softball, high school fall baseball, high school and junior high cheerleading, and junior high volleyball.  The board also eliminated the sponsors for homecoming, Just Say No, National English Honor Society, and senior class.  

The board agreed to keep high school boys and girls basketball and golf, spring high school baseball and girls high school volleyball.  Junior and senior high scholarbowl will also remain.  

Garrison says the board earlier cut all extra curricular transportation and field trips.  

All of the cuts are designed to save $100,000.  

Garrison says the board intends to restore the cuts once finances improve.  She feels the board had little choice but to attempt to close the $300,000 deficit because cuts in state funding in prior years had drained surplus money the district had on hand.  

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