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WJBD - Local News - Salem Township Hospital to Begin Training Patients to Administer At-Home Dialysis

Salem Township Hospital to Begin Training Patients to Administer At-Home Dialysis

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

Salem Township Hospital has entered into a unique agreement that will allow patients with renal failure to be trained to provide themselves daily treatment at home.  Hospital President Stephanie Hilton-Siebert has been working for the past two and a half years to work out the program with Davita Dialysis to take advantage of new technology that will allow many with renal failure not to have to go in to a special facility several times a week for treatment.  

"Whenever a person hears about renal failure...it's really a life changing event. This will allow them to have the dialysis in their house. They'll come here for about six weeks every day and get the training done, and after that...they will have a unit put into their home" said Hilton-Seibert.

Hilton-Siebert says the new program will allow many participants to be able to continue to work while undergoing treatment. She reports the hospital will also encourage patients to better watch signs of liver problems.  

"We dont always talk about renal disease. But it's important and can be picked up by a simple blood test. Those patients can then receive education and dietary advice to prevent you from ending up with renal disease" said Hilton-Siebert.

Hilton-Siebert says the program will be located in the new wing of the hospital currently under construction.  She reports it will take about six months for the area to be ready for occupancy and for Davita Dialysis to get all necessary permits to offer the service.  

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