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WJBD - Local News - Salem Township Hospital Reaccredited for Three More Years

Salem Township Hospital Reaccredited for Three More Years

By WJBD News

Salem Township Hospital is being reaccredited as a critical access hospital for another three years.  The survey team that completed their three day visit Wednesday had nothing but glowing comments for the hospital board.  

Team Captain and Physician Surveyor Edward Glinski said they found no major issues and were only recommending a few mostly 'cosmetic' changes.  "We looked at documents and did some interviews and visit patients, observe patient care.  We had encounters with your managers, all stellar, all positive.  It was just a wonderful place to serve at and it's a wonderful facility; we felt very welcomed", said Glinski.  

Administrative Surveyor Stanley Stanczak called Salem Township Hospital the happiest place he has been in a number of years and had a 'solid' operation.  "As an administrator with forty years of experience, we're in pretty good shape to possibly weather the storm even though you're small, and that's a good thing because the community, with all the patients that we've talked to, the community values you and you provide a good service", said Stanczak.  

Nurse Surveyor Jane Sistek talked to several patients.  "We praised the medical staff and the nursing staff.  So you need to know that the patients are very satisfied with the service that you provide.  I also want to say, and I commend this to the rest of the staff that I am highly impressed with the culture of this organization.  It's laced with commitment, dedication, and pride", said Sistek.  

Sistek says she was so impressed she would put thehospital on the short list of facilities she would want to be in if she needed hospital treatment.   

Salem Township Hospital Administrator Stephanie Hilton-Siebert was pleased with the report.  "They are really looking at all aspects of the hospital and were able to talk to our patients face to face and talk to them about their experience and the care that they've received.  They were able to talk to our physicians, our staff and our management team.  So they have looked at every piece of the organization and we're very pleased with the outcome", said Hilton-Siebert.

Hilton-Siebert notes the positive accreditation is important for the hospital to be eligible to receive medicare and medicaid funding.    

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