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WJBD - Local News - Salem Township Hospital Board Awards Bid On Phase Two Renovation And Expansion

Architect's rendering of new addition to Salem Township Hospital.

Salem Township Hospital Board Awards Bid On Phase Two Renovation And Expansion

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

The Salem Township Hospital Board has awarded a $9,747,930 bid for Phase Two renovation and expansion of the hospital.

Shores Construction of Centralia was selected as the General Contractor on the project. Their bid was the lowest of four submitted.

Hospital President Stephanie Hilton-Siebert says they have been working for the past two years to get to this point. "I think the board has made a historical decision today with moving forward with the expansion of our hospital. This is so important for our community to have this. In looking at the services we will be able to offer whenever this is finished, but more importantly really looking at our future and looking at the next 30 years out and having a facility that will continue to be used," said Hilton-Siebert. "Definitely our community continues to use us as a township hospital, so it's important that we be able to meet their needs."

Hilton-Siebert says the next step is to develop a construction time table. She expects the project to be completed by the spring of 2015.

The first part of the project will be relocating the Rural Health Clinic into the old laboratory space. The new location will give the clinic its own exam rooms and offices for four physicians. When work is completed, entry to the Rural Health Clinic will be through the front entrance of the hospital instead of the emergency room.

Hilton-Siebert says work will then move to renovation of 'B' wing and construction of a 17,000 square foot addition on the side of the hospital next to the Salem Reservoir. "Having all private rooms for our patients and having a design that will allow the caregivers to be at the bedside providing the care as well as giving them more resources right at their fingertips without leaving the patient area. We'll also have a new ICU. We are looking at expanding our services and being able to offer a higher acuity level of care for our patients. We'll have a new cardio-pulmonary area as well as a new pharmacy," said Hilton-Siebert.

The board also voted Wednesday to borrow $11-million from the USDA at an interest rate of no more than 3.0375% that will be paid off over 28 years. While USDA guarantees the interest rate won't go higher, it could be less if rates are down at the time the loan is finalized.

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