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WJBD - Local News - Salem Police Release Annual Report on Criminal Activity

Salem Police Release Annual Report on Criminal Activity

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

Salem Police Chief Ron Campo is pleased the city's crime rate remained low in 2013.    

The yearly report shows a drop in residential burglary cases by three to 25, with other burglary cases dropped six reports to 19.  Burglaries from motor vehicles dropped six cases to 42.  Felony thefts were up seven cases to 30, while misdemeanor thefts dropped six cases to 153.  Fraud cases dropped 13 cases to 43.  Deceptive practice cases were down nine to 24. Disorderly conduct complaints fell 51 cases to 145.  Criminal damage reports increased three to 107.  Telephone harrassment cases increased ten cases to 80.  

Some of the bigger increases came in criminal sexual assaults that jumped from two to six cases and criminal damage to state supported property that jumped from one to eight cases.  

Campo says the increase in domestic cases can be tied to economic conditions and the continuing high unemployment rate.   Domestic battery complaints jumped 16 cases to 30, while domestic trouble calls increased 29 cases to 287.  

The number of total traffic crashes fell 24 to 286.   Campo says the number of traffic citations were markedly lower.   He says that is simply due to staffing issues.  The department has been down two officers for most of the year due to Workman Comp injuries and a recent retirement.   

Campo will release information later on the number of ordinance citations which will show how the department is dealing with the synthetic drug and animal control problems.  

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