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WJBD - Local News - Salem High Board Member Loses Seat

Salem High Board Member Loses Seat

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

An incumbent member of the Salem High School Board has been upset in his bid to stay on the board.  Robert Phillips finished last among the six candidates with 766 votes.  Those elected to the board were incumbent Eric Bandy with 1,260 votes, attorney Bill Milner with 1,004, State Trooper Marla Tolliver with 989 votes, and incumbent Michael McKinzie with 865 votes.  Also not winning a seat was Joshua Tate, who finished with 783 votes.  

A challenger was defeated in an attempt to get a seat on the Centralia City Grade School Board.  Steffany Slininger finished with 315 votes.  Those winning seats were Sue Williams with 546 votes, RonaldJohnson with 516 votes, Quinton Runyon with 491 votes and Greg Dodson with 399 votes.  

In the South Central School Board Race, the winners were Michael Vandeveer with 661 votes, Thomas Turner with 523 votes, Jason Markley with 514 votes, and Dena Hoffman with 479 votes.  Julia Rose finished the day with 472 votes.  

In the Sandoval School Board race, Melvin 'Mel' Wood finished with 322 points and Rae Ann Gore with 293 votes to win two contested open seats.  Stacy Shuler finished with 156 votes.   

Raccoon Grade school elected four of the five running for the school board.  The winners were Misty Johannes with 117 votes, Lisa Palazzolo with 113 votes,  Cameron Christy with 106 votes and Courtney Donoho with 105 votes.  Not winning a seat was Kyla White with 103 points.  

Five candidates also ran for four open seats in Selmaville.   The top vote getter was Dale Helpingstine with 212 votes, T.J.Burge with 206, Kyle Kell with 180 and Danny Shuler with 178.  Not winning a seat was Jacob Purcell with 153 votes.

In the Central City Grade School District Scott Stevenson with 128 votes, Jeffrey Mashburn and Stephanie Murphy with 122 votes apiece and Victoria Benjamin with 118 votes won seats.  Jeremi Savin Senior finished with 56 votes.  

In the Odin School District, the three winners were Bob Burton with 272 votes, Holly Moore with 199 votes, and Joe Laffoon with 194.  Long time board member David Frimel lost his seat by three votes, finishing with 191.  Kelly Finkbone had 148 votes.     

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