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WJBD - Local News - Salem Community Theatre Announce Plans for Broadway Invasion

Salem Community Theatre Announce Plans for Broadway Invasion

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

The Salem Community Theatre and Cultural Center has announced plans for the Broadway Invasion.  The night of musical entertainment that will feature the Invaders as well as other outstanding musicians and vocalists from the area will be held on Saturday evening, April 27th.  Revenue from the Broadway Invasion will help provide support for this year's programming while also sustaining the theatre's mission to provide social, cultural and educational opportunities in he performing arts for Salem residents and visitors.  

Bob Turnage of the Invaders says the performance will feature classic favorites from a wide variety of artists, including Blood, Sweat and Teams, the Beatles, Santana, Aretha Franklin, Bobby Darin, the Supremes, Adele, Paul Simon, Michael Buble', Elvis Presley, Chicago, Janis Joplin, Etta James, Shania Twain and many more.  

The All-Star Band is comprised of Brian Gansauer, Rick Chapman and Steve Mulvany on guitar, Don Nesmith on bass, Becky Carpenter, Bob Haney, and John Gaston on keyboard, Tom Champion and Aaron Champion on drums and percussion, Tom Baker and Len Campbell on trumpet, Steve Warner alto and tenor sax and Randy Atkinson on the trombone.   

Vocalists include Dottie Register, Trina Green, Marla (Beckham) Salvati, Tracy (Teel) Schubert, Linda (Basham) Norman, Ashlan Stephenson, and Dan Nichols.  Dan and Elizabeth Shuler will also perform a musical favorite.

Tickets for the show are $30 per person and includes refreshments at 6:30 went the doors open as well as during intermission.  Tickets can be purchased beginning Wednesday at Salem City Hall, Salem Travel and theatre co-manager Meredith Fyke by calling 548-9797. 

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