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WJBD - Local News - Salem City Manager Recommending Use of Jefferson County Animal Pound

Salem City Manager Recommending Use of Jefferson County Animal Pound

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

Salem City Manager Bill Gruen is recommending the city council enter into a three year contract with Jefferson County for animal control.  

Gruen will bring his recommendation to the city council Monday night.  "The cheaper route to go for animal control and also for the immediate solution in terms of that we know what we are going to do is to go with Jefferson County.  If we go with Jefferson County, that will put us under our animal control budget for the year.  Although that facility won't be available until September of October, at least we'll have it solved, and we can begin working on other things," said Gruen.   

Gruen says Jefferson County is not willing to reduce the term of the contract to one or two years.  "I asked them if they would be interested in less than three and they said 'no'.  They have fixed costs that they are going to incur with the addition and three I think is their magic number for minimum term if they are going to work with us on it," said Gruen.   

Gruen says while it is likely the Jefferson County facility would not be operational until September or October, Salem could still approach Jefferson County to hold dangerous or special needs dogs.  Gruen has not yet received cost estimates back from contractors on a new building. He reports local parties have expressed interest in reaching some sort of agreement with Salem to renovate and provide space for an animal shelter for Salem, but he does not have any formal proposal.  Gruen's proposal also includes an enhancement of Paul Wimberly's contract to handle the pickup of dogs and cats and transporting them to the Jefferson County facility.   

Gruen is asking the city council for input on a possible Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program grant for a sidewalk project. If the council is interested, he's suggesting one of three projects be selected.  They are extension of sidewalks on West Main to Walmart, Airport Road and Boone Street to the Westport Subdivision, or sidewalks within Bryan Park that could become part of the proposed trail system in the park.  The deadline to submit a grant is August 20th.  

The council will be asked to enter a new contract with Metro Ag to dispose of sludge from the sewage treatment plant.  A $23,800 proposal from Haier Plumbing in Okawville will be considered to close in the intake structure located at Carlyle Lake.  Gruen could also have a new natural gas rate structure for the council to consider.  

The meeting begins at six Monday night at Salem City Hall.    

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