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WJBD - Local News - Salem City Council Hears Complaint on Sewer Problem

Salem City Council Hears Complaint on Sewer Problem

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

The Salem City Council heard from an upset resident Monday night who felt the city should take action to solve a sewer back-up problem in her home.  Jennifer Kessler of 524 North Hamilton said her plumber was afraid to make a new tap onto the sewer line because it was already cracked and in poor condition.

"If the City of Salem fixes the main pipe now, these problems can be avoided.  I cannot continue to live in these conditions; it is unhealthy and unsanitary.  As a resident of the City of Salem, I pay for my sewer services.  Since I pay for these services, I should be receiving help from the City of Salem", said Kessler.  

While Public Works Director John Pruden says the sewer line isn't in the best condition, sewage is flowing and is not the problem.   He said an old sewer lateral made of cardboard and tar paper from Kessler's home to the sewer line was the issue and it is the homeowner's responsibility.  

"It's certainly not the City of Salem's situation to open a checkbook and say have at it, we'll repair whatever you tear up and we'll be glad to pay you for it", said Pruden.  Pruden agreed to talk to Kessler's plumber to help him correct the problem.   

The council approved a request for a 15 minute parking space on the northeast corner of Walnut and Main Streets.  Mama Antonia's restaurant requested the space for customers coming to pick up orders.  Some are now banging on the back door to pickup orders because there are no parking places available.    

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