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WJBD - Local News - Rural Salem Home Destroyed In Fire Fueled By Propane and Oxygen Explosions

Fire burns through the garage and a car in front of the David and Debbie Bosler home on Nation Road following a propane tank explosion. Photo by Mitchell Schultheis

Rural Salem Home Destroyed In Fire Fueled By Propane and Oxygen Explosions

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

A fire that sent flames high in the air for nearly two hours late Sunday night burned the home occupied by David and Debbie Bosler at 3228 Nation Road just off the Selmaville Road southwest of Salem to the ground.  Debbie Bosler discovered the fire when returning home after admitting her husband to the hospital earlier in the day.  

Salem Fire Chief Roger Mann says they had to wait to approach the fire because of the dangerous situation.  "When we arrived on scene we had a home with a mobile home attached to it totally involved.  We had reports of propane bottles inside the residence, outside the residence, and had also received a report of 18 oxygen bottles that were inside the residence.  The fire got ahead of us and keeping water coming to us was somewhat of a chore," said Mann.

The fire scene was rocked by a loud explosion that shook the neighborhood when the propane tank blew and smaller explosions when oxygen tanks exploded.   The blaze that is believed to have started near the wood burning stove of the home eventually jumped to a detached garage and a vehicle sitting outside of it.   Both were also destroyed.  

Mann says when they first arrived on the scene there was concern about Debbie Bosler's location.  "The female occupant of the home went inside and saw it was on fire.  She attempted to get some of the animals out of the house and the neighbors called the fire department," said Mann.   "It took us a little bit of time to locate her and we were concerned she was still inside the house.  But we later located her and everything was okay."  Mann says all of the pets were rescued, except one dog that was found dead in the home after the fire was knocked down.  

The home is owned by Shirley Sanders.  

Salem Firemen received automatic mutual aide from Odin Firemen.  Kell Firemen were called to standby at the Salem Fire Station in the event of another fire.   The fire call came in around ten Sunday night.  Firemen remained on the scene until about 1:30 Monday morning.   

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