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WJBD - Local News - Recycling Returns to Salem

The new recycling bin is put into place by Kris Schicker of Foster Salvage while Keep Salem Beautiful's Rita Black looks on.

Recycling Returns to Salem

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

Recycling is returning to Salem.  Keep Salem Beautiful's Rita Black says the organization will be working with Foster Salvage to provide the service beginning Monday.  

The green bin that was earlier used for recycling when Secured Processors of Flora had been providing the service has been donated to Keep Salem Beautiful.  It will return to the Marion County parking lot in the 200 block of North Broadway.  

Black says not all items can be taken.  "Glass is still not an option.  The bins will be marked.  It will be separating again.  The markings are on each bin.  Please don't drop paint, oil, or things we can't recycle," said Black.  "Let's all try and recycle, but if these things can't be recycled they need to be disposed of in proper ways."

Salem's recycling efforts ended three months ago when the recycling trailer was set on fire.  Black says since that time they've received a lot of calls about resuming a recycling program.  "We apologize to the community for the three months delay.  Now we hope to be active in encouraging everyone to reduce, reuse and recycle," said Black.

Black says they eventually hope the city will be able to provide curbside recycling.  

Under the new arrangement with Foster's Salvage, they will pick up the bin on a flatbed semi every Friday and take it to the Centralia Clean and Green Recycling Center for unloading.  Black says there will be very little cost to KSB for the new recycling effort, so it will be available all the time with the exception of Friday when the trailer is emptied.  

Black says the amount of recyclables was growing at the time the fire stopped the program.  9,300 pounds of materials had been recycled in the last full month of the program in May.

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