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WJBD - Local News - Probable Cause Found to Hold Cedric Powe on Attempted Murder and Other Charges

Probable Cause Found to Hold Cedric Powe on Attempted Murder and Other Charges

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

Marion County Resident Circuit Court Judge Mark Stedelin has found probable cause to continue holding 27-year-old Cedric Powe of St. Charles, Missouri for attempted first degree murder, aggravated battery and aggravated domestic battery.   

The judge issued his ruling following a preliminary hearing in the case on Wednesday.   Powe then entered a not guilty plea and demanded a jury trial. Powe remains held in the Marion County Jail in lieu of a half-million dollars bond.  Stedelin set Powe's next court appearance for May 28th to make sure the discovery process is moving along.  He expressed concern about meeting the speedy time guidelines.  

Centralia Police Detective Rich Stevenson testified to the December 27th incident where Powe is accused of severely beating his girlfriend 20-year-old Chelsea Simmons at her Centralia home.  Stevenson outlined the 911 call made by Simmons' neighbor, where Simmons had gone for help following the alleged beating.   Upon questioning by the dispatcher, the neighbor said Simmons had a swollen eye, was bleeding and was beat up bad.   

Simmons later told police that Powe became upset after going through her cell phone and finding a call from 'Ron'.  She told Powe Ron was just a friend and she didn't want to fight with her three small children in the apartment.  Simmons reported Powe got on top of her and started hitting her and put his hands around her throat.  At one point, Simmons said she lost conciousness.  Simmons said she was later dropped onto the floor, while Powe continued to keep telling her he would killher for cheating on him.  Simmons said Powe eventually left, when she went to the neighbor for help.  

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