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WJBD - Local News - Preliminary Injunction Hearing To Keep Murray Center Open Set for July 23rd

Preliminary Injunction Hearing To Keep Murray Center Open Set for July 23rd

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

The State of Illinois will be barred from moving any resident out of the Murray Developmental Center in Centralia without guardian approval until at least July 23rd.   That's the date Federal Court Judge Marvin Aspen has set for a hearing on the preliminary injunction to keep the state from closing Murray Center.   

The judge further clarified in an order Wednesday that the Illinois Department of Human Services and Community Resource Alliance could not transfer, discharge, or send on any overnight transition visit any resident of Murray Developmental Center without the written consent of the resident's legal guardian until there is a ruling on the preliminary injunction.  The judge will not restrict the state from conducting any pre-transition assessments, evaluations or any other planning activities that do not involve removing a resident from Murray Center.  Judge Aspen also says the order will not restrict the state from providing residents with outside medical care when necessary, following Murray's standard protocols and procedures.   

The order also instructs the Murray Parents Association and Department of Human Services to exchange their evidentiary direct examination affidavits on or before July 17th.  Any witness whose affidavit is submitted will have to be available for cross examination and redirect at the preliminary injunction hearing.  The two sides will have to designate which opposing party's witnesses they will cross-examine on or before July 19th.   

In initially granting the temporary restraining order at a May 30th court hearing, Judge Aspen found that if he didn't grant the temporary restraining order people could get hurt or injured under procedures being used by the state to close Murray Center.  

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