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Pink Out Another Success for Salem

The Salem Lady Wildcats hosted their third Annual Cancer Awareness Pink Out Thursday night at BE Gumm Gymnasium. The band played, the Superfans were in attendance, and one of the larger crowds was on hand to take in a Lady Cats game.

Salem Girls Basketball Coach Janet Holst said the event had a very good turnout, even though it wasn't a "mega night" as in the past.

"I don't think we raised as much money this year because it wasn't a game with the boys, but I thought we had a very good turnout and for a very good cause."

No final tally on the amount raised is yet known, and no decisions have been made about where the money will go from the fund raiser. But Holst calls this event a success, and credits the community for their support.

"Any time that you can raise money for any kind of cause like that, it's going to be successful. I think our community, several of our businesses supported us. I think our kids did a good job of getting out and selling some shirts so that we could give back to the community."

Community is the key word in all of this, as money raised from the Third Annual Cancer Awareness Pink Out will go to people in the community who need it the most, as Holst explains.

"It is important to me that our money stays local and that if somebody has a situation, an affect from chemo, or they need something because they've reacted to radiation, or if they need gas money to get over for treatment, or they're getting to a point where they can't pay bills, that money is there for us, for our people to use and to utilize and that's exactly what we want.

Salem sold their Katie-Bug warm-up shirts from Monday with proceeds to benefit Iuka pre-K student Katie Crouch as she battles retinoblastoma. More of these shirts are available for purchase at $15 apiece. The t-shirts are purple with a yellow ribbon and yellow hand print and are available for purchase with sizes ranging from youth to 3XL. If you would like to buy a shirt, call Cindy Altenbaumer at 335-2481.

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