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WJBD - Local News - Patoka and South Central School Election Results Change

Patoka and South Central School Election Results Change

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

The Fayette County Clerk's office reports a server failure prevented them from initially entering absentee votes until late Tuesday night several hours after their final precinct numbers were posted.   That has resulted in some election number changes in the South Central and Patoka School District elections.  

As of now, the vote is tied for the fourth opening on the South Central Board, with Julia Rose and  Dena Hoffman both having 494 votes.  Those winning seats were Michael Vandeveer with 684 votes, Thomas Turner with 539 votes and Jason Markley with 534 votes.  

Meanwhile, in the Patoka School Board election with the absentee ballots added have resulted in the election of Kurtis Belcher with 308 votes and Dennis Cain, Senior with 217 votes.  Jeremy Landreth did not win a seat with 209 votes.   Misty Cain automatically won a seat because she was the only one running to represent a different township.    

Marion County Clerk Steve Fox says nothing will happen with the tie in the unofficial results until the ballots are canvassed.   He notes absentee ballots post marked by April ninth that arrive by April 23rd can still be counted.  He adds there are a few provisional ballots that also need to be ruled upon.  Fox says there could also be changes in some other results where there is only a few vote difference.  

Fox says final results won't be available until after the vote canvas is complete on April 30th.  He reports unofficial write in results should be available on Thursday.      

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