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WJBD - Local News - Odin Apartment Scene of Weekend Synthetic Drug Bust

Odin Apartment Scene of Weekend Synthetic Drug Bust

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

Two people arrested by Marion County Sheriff's Deputies following a weekend drug bust on their Odin apartment have been released pending lab tests on synthetic drugs and residue that were found in the apartment. 

29-year-old Brandi Clark of South Maple in Centralia was arrested following the Saturday night raid for alleged possession of a controlled substance and unlawful delivery of a controlled substance.  27-year-old Robin Greenwood of East Poplar in Odin had been arrested for alleged possession of a controlled substance.  

Deputies say they obtained a search warrant for the apartment on Saturday after a confidential source reported purchasing synthetic drugs from the apartment.  Three people were in the apartment arrived, including Clark.  

Deputies say they found empty packages of the synthetic drug 'Darkness' lying around the sofa, 14 package tops in the trash can in the living room, along with nearly five grams of the drug located in a corner portion of the sofa along with $148 in cash and a purple book with a green leafy substance on the sofa.  An empty bag of darkness was also found on the bedroom floor.  Residue was also reportedly located in five plastic containers of 'White Widow' along with 12 more packages of 'Darkness' mixed in with laundry.  A small digital scale was also allegedly seized.  

Greenwood, who rented the apartment,  came home during the time the search warrant was being executed.  She allegedly had a package of 'Darkness' and a drug pipe in her front pocket.  Greenwood reportedly gave deputies permission to search her vehicle, where two more empty packages of the drug were found in her car.

The two men who were with Clark when police executed the search warrant were both allegedly in possession of a drug pipe, but were released without being questioned.

Deputies have received the names of a number of people who reportedly had purchased the synthetic drugs from Clark on Saturday. 

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