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WJBD - Local News - More Than 100 Attend Conceal Carry Seminar in Salem

More Than 100 Attend Conceal Carry Seminar in Salem

By Rob Sussman, WJBD News

A concealed carry seminar hosted by State Representative John Cavaletto (R-Salem) drew quite the crowd on Thursday night.

Over a hundred people showed up to see the presentation by Two Troops Firearms Instruction owners Kelley Hulsey and Greg Miller--both retired state policemen. Hulsey and Miller managed to shed some light on Illinois' New Concealed Carry Law passed by the legislature earlier this year.

The former officers explained that with the new law comes a slew of regulation and fees required for obtaining a concealed carry permit in Illinois. While Illinois is a "Shall Issue" state--meaning the state must grant anyone who qualifies a concealed carry license without question--there are several dozen factors that determines a person's eligibility for the license.

All applicants must complete 16 hours of training in firearm safety, marksmanship, care and maintenance, and instruction on dealing with law enforcement, which Hulsey and Miller went over in great detail. Hulsey told the crowd that if a police officer stops you while you are carrying concealed, keep your hands on the steering wheel and tell the officer you have a firearm. "Police officers have been trained, if you can see the hands, you are good.  What is this going to do, this is designed to make that officer comfortable. Egos are not important at this point," said Hulsey.  "Remember where we are at in this space. This is new. Police officers are used to guns are bad, if you don't tell them about it especially."

Hulsey and Miller also discussed the long list of locations where firearms are not permitted, including athletic facilities, schools, airports, and on publicly funded transportation. 

For a full list of rules and regulations regarding concealed carry, contact the office of State Representative John Cavaletto at 548-9080

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