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WJBD - Local News - Mock Accident in Sandoval Shows Dangers of Drinking, Texting and Driving

Madison Crawford, playing the role of a drunk driver, is led to the funeral of a friend killed in the accident by a sheriff's deputy in jail jump suit and handcuffs.

Marion County Coroner Troy Cannon oversees Sandoval Firemen placing a mock accident victim in a body bag.

Marion County Sheriff's Deputy Kevin Cripps and Sandoval Police Chief Andy Westman test Madison Crawford to see if she is under the influence following the mock accident.

Mock Accident in Sandoval Shows Dangers of Drinking, Texting and Driving

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

Sandoval Firemen and other emergency personnel combined efforts Friday afternoon to put on a realistic display of what Sandoval High School students could expect if they became involved in a serious accident.  

One student was killed and was placed into a body bag, several were bloodied and trapped in the vehicles and had to be cut out by firemen, and one driver was arrested for driving under the influence.   The scenario of the head on crash played out in the back parking lot of the school the night before Prom and was followed by a funeral service for the student who was killed.  

Sandoval Fire Chief Chad Parson is hoping they gave the students something to think about.  "In 2010 there were approximately 2,700 teenagers age 16 to 19 killed in the United States alone.  282,000 were treated in emergency rooms for alcohol related accidents.  The numbers tell the story that this something that need to be addressed all the time with the students, make sure they understand the consequences of drinking and driving," said Parson.

There was a new message added since a mock crash was conducted three years ago....a warning about texting and driving. Parson told the students that has proven to be even more deadly among fatal accidents involving young people than drinking and driving.   He suggested having a designated texter in the vehicle who was not the driver.  

Madison Crawford was selected from CNA students to play the role of the drunk driver.   "I was the drunk driver, texting and driving while I was drunk.  It is actually kind of scary because you could see it happening to your friends.  It can be pretty scary.  If it actually happened, I'm not sure what I would do," said Crawford. 

Crawford was especially impacted when led by a sheriff's deputy in a jail jump suit and handcuffs to view the body at the funeral of her classmate who was killed.  

See the complete photo gallery of the mock accident by clicking here.

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