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WJBD - Local News - Milner Law Office Welcoming New Attorney

Bill Milner (left) welcomes Craig Griffin of Patoka to his Salem Law Firm.

Milner Law Office Welcoming New Attorney

By WJBD News

A 2005 Patoka High School Graduate is one of the state's new lawyers.  Craig Griffin was sworn by State Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier during ceremonies in Collinsville on Thursday.  He will be practicing with the Bill Milner Law Office in Salem.  

"We're excited; we've been busy.  I've been looking for somebody to bring in for the last five years, and it's not easy when you're thinking about bring in an associate that you hope will stay and eventually become a partner.  I started using Craig this summer to do some clerking for me, and immediately I could just tell that I wanted this young man to come and be a part of this law firm", said Milner.  

Griffin says it is exciting to be sworn in and feels good to be done with his education.  In addition to earning his law degree at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Griffin has also completed his masters degree in education.  "Actually I've already been interested in law my whole life.  There has been numerous things over the years.  I was a constitutional law junkie and also when I was a child I got into school law because my dad was on the board of education at Patoka High School and use to go to a lot of workshops with him, and that's really how I got into the field", said Griffin.  

Griffin is looking forward to practicing a wide variety of law and starting an education law practice.  He is the son of Bill and Jody Griffin of Patoka.  Griffin will be welcomed to the law firm during a reception from four to eight Friday night at the Salem Country Club.   

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