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WJBD - Local News - Marion County Board Supports Jefferson County Joining Regional Superintendent's Office

Marion County Board Supports Jefferson County Joining Regional Superintendent's Office

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

The Marion County Board has approved a letter in support of Jefferson County joining the Clinton, Marion, and Washington County Regional Superintendent of Schools office.  The letters will go to the State School Superintendent Chris Koch who will make the final decision.  

Assistant Regional Superintendent Brian Guthrie told the board the consolidation process is lengthy.  "This will not take effect until July 1st, 2015, but the purpose of being here tonight (Tuesday) is this needs to be done prior that.  Mr. Fox will testify that by September petitions start going out for the 2014 primary and 2014 general election.  That is the urgency to get this resolution passed to have them join our three counties," said Guthrie.

The Jefferson and Clinton County Boards earlier approved the resolution.  The resolution was inadvertently left off the Washington County Board agenda so a special meeting has been set for 8:30 Thursday night to take action.   The current Jefferson-Hamilton County Regional Superintendent's office no longer has enough population to remain in existence under state law.  

The Marion County Board also approved a liquor license for the new Lakeside Restaurant and Marina at Forbes State Park.  

The board also approved paying the cost for three emergency road repairs.   Iuka Township spent $3,030 to repair a wooden bridge on Quandt Road.  The county spent $5,585 to repair a cross culvert on Hoots Chapel Road over Davidson Creek and $4,029 to repair a bridge over Jims Creek on the Marshall Creek Road.   

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