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WJBD - Local News - Kinmundy Thundermoon Festival a Success

The Driver of the winning outhouse in the annual outhouse race poses with his championship outhouse, 'The Thundermoon Crapper Express'

Kinmundy Thundermoon Festival a Success

By by Rob Sussman, WJBD News

The Second Annual Thundermoon festival took place in Kinmundy over the weekend, with several hundred in attendance. The event featured crafts, vendors, volleyball, and the festivals famous outhouse races. Outhouse racing being a sport where participants create custom outhouse-like vehicles and race them against each other.

Four teams participated in the races, Shane Donoho and his team won the outhouse race with his vehicle, "The Thundermoon Crapper Express". It was his first outhouse race and he said winning the race was simple.

"It was pure speed. My partner and I were very quick on our feet." Donoho said.

One of the most talked about outhouse racing teams, racing a vehicle called "The Number Two" drove 11 hours from Lafayette, Louisiana to be at the festival. The team was made up of Michael Ford and Colby Raines of Louisiana and Sam Michell of Kinmundy.

"We were driving on the way up here, and they told us about it" Raines said, "and we were like 'Yeah, sign us up for that'."

The team took last place overall, but won best in show. The team spent most of their time on decoration.

"We [started building] around seven AM. It was done by 10. We went and had breakfast." Ford said of the teams effort.

Outhouse racing was invented in Arkansas and is incredibly popular there. City Councilman Curt Jones was instrumental in bringing the event to Kinmundy.

"One of our residents came to one of our council meetings...and he had brought it up. He said he had been in Arkansas and saw [Outhouse races] down there...so I thought, 'Why not?'"

 Organizers of the event in Kinmundy called it a success, and hope for even more participants next year. The city put on the event which was organized by the park department. The "Thundermoon Festival" is named for a cycle of the moon that begins in July.

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