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WJBD - Local News - Kinmundy City Council Informed of Serious Problem with Water Line

Kinmundy City Council Informed of Serious Problem with Water Line

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

Kinmundy Water Superintendent Jerry Craig says the city's water supply faces a serious problem that so far he's been unable to isolate.  He told the city council Thursday night there apparently is a leak in the raw water line that is filling up part of the pump station with water and stressing some of the piping that he fears could burst leaving the city without water.  Craig reports they have already tried several ideas to find the problem or at least control the flow of water into the piece of equipment being adversely effected.  He says they will continue to try and locate and fix the problem.  Craig notes without the raw water line they can't produce treated water.  

The Kinmundy City Council has scheduled a hearing for 6:30 next Thursday night to consider abandonment of the alley behind the Christian Church.  Church officials want the alley abandoned so they can build a new multi-purpose building and gym that can attach to the present church.  The goal is to begin construction next year.  Plans for the addition have not yet been finalized.  

The board has voted to submit a housing renovation grant to the state.  If approved, up to 18 homes occupied by low to moderate income residents could be improved.  Homes would have to be located in an area bounded by Third to Kinlou and from Washington Street to the city limits.  The city should know if the grant is approved by June or July.  

This year's Thunder Moon festival was set for July 12th and 13th.   

The board went into closed session to discuss lease arrangements for the new retail building the city has constructed on Madison Street in the downtown area.  Mayor James Mulvaney reports one business is definitely interested and another has some interest.  The new complex will hold three businesses.  It is expected to be completed and ready for occupancy in about a week.   

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