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WJBD - Local News - Kinmundy Board Discusses American Obstacle, Appoints New Board Member

City Clerk Brenda Edwards swears in new councilman Gerald Bolen during a meeting of the Kinmundy City Council on Thursday.

Kinmundy Board Discusses American Obstacle, Appoints New Board Member

By Rob Sussman, WJBD News

The controversy over the proposed expansion of the American Obstacle Adventure Park located at the Old Kinmundy Lake continued during a Kinmundy City Council Meeting on Thursday. Several citizens, concerned about how the proposed expansion would affect the city, addressed the council with concerns ranging from citizens being restricted from using the lake for fishing or boating to whether or not the expansion will bring jobs or economic opportunity to the area. The council is considering offering a 99 year lease to the property around Old Kinmundy Lake to ex-Marines Kurt and Lisa Klough, Effingham-based entreprenuers who have been operating the ziplining park for the past three years on a 20 year lease.

Kinmundy Mayor Jane Middleton says that the sentimental attachment to the lake many residents have cannot get in the way of growing the town.

"We have to try and arrive at the best for all of us. I have a sentimental attachment to the lake like all [Kinmundians]. But it's business. Its not sentimentality. It's about whats best for the city of Kinmundy." Middleton said.

The city also discussed the formation of a Chamber of Commerce in order to better organize city businesses to take advantage of the proposed American Obstacle expansion. After some debate the council decided it would be best for business owners to come together on their own, without the council, and organize a private Business Owners Association to tackle the similar issues.

The council also swore in new councilman Gerald Bolen, who steps in for his wife, Connie Bolen, who resigned saying that her new job doesnt allow her time for the city council meetings.

The Council authorized the purchase of a body-mounted camera for the police department. The camera will be used in order to record all police encounters for liability and evidence purposes.

The council also agreed to place concrete rings around the five damaged water meters that were run over by city residents who were mowing their lawns. Five meters in total were damaged by residents, most of which have agreed to pay the cost of replacement.

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