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WJBD - Local News - Kinmundy Board Continues To Wrestle With Trash Collection Complaints

Kinmundy Board Continues To Wrestle With Trash Collection Complaints

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

The Kinmundy City Council continues to be questioned by several residents about their decision to require mandatory garbage collection through the city.  

The complaints range from not having enough notice the issue was going to be voted upon to wanting to be able to use a different collection service.  Mayor Jane Middleton continues to support the decision, noting most residents in town already had garbage collection and the city wide contract was saving them money.  She also feels only a few are upset.  

One board member, Gary Shirley, said the problem was simply he and others did not like to be told what to do.  Two women in attendance praised the decision and were critical of those still burning trash, noting the smoke aggravated their health problems. The board voted to implement the garbage collection in May to try and curtail the burning of trash in town, although they have not voted to ban the burning of trash.  

Kinmundy residents were warned the new water meters can be easily damaged by lawn mowers.  They contain wiring to report water use electronically.  The council was told 30 have been hit so far, and five to ten no longer work.  Residents are being required to pay for damage, but at least one is refusing to do so.  The council will be putting a notice on water bills to warn the meters can be damaged if run over by lawn mowers.  

The board also passed an ordinance requiring any culvert installation to first be approved by the street supervisor.  

Kinmundy is losing its only restaurant.  The board was told the Southern Comfort restaurant will be closing July 27th.   One of the requests they will make to State Representative John Cavaletto is for money in the capital bill is to purchase restaurant equipment to help a new restaurant open in the future.  They will also seek assistance to replace culverts on 3rd and 4th Street, street improvements, and taking down the old water tower.  

Rutassal and Associates will be hired to do the annual inspection on the new dam in November.   The work will cost less than in the past.  They will be asked to inspect the dam of the old lake as well if it can be done within the $2,000 in the budget.

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