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WJBD - Local News - Kaskaskia College Making Improvements in Safety and Security

Kaskaskia College Making Improvements in Safety and Security

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

Kaskaskia College is continuing to make improvements in the colleges safety and security plan.  Interim Dean of Career and Technical Education George Evans says one of their big advances is in communications.  

"Everything happens in the first one-to-three minutes and the response time for law enforcement is less than that, but it was communications between buildings and classrooms is what helped end up saving lives.  So getting those radios here and getting a direct link to the sheriff's department not only is a win.  It's a win-win because Dena's crew can communicate building to building and be able to communicate with the sheriff's department where the actual threat is at", said Evans.

The Director of Safety and Security at the College Dena Belcher says all safety and security officers are trained in CPR/AED and First Aid. She reports emergency call boxes are available on the main campus and up-to-date emergency procedure maps and safety and security contact information is available in all the classrooms, the main entrances to buildings and in the primary campus parking areas.  

An Emergency Plan Task Force is being developed of college personnel and local emergency responders which will visit each Kaskaskia College site and make recommendations for safety improvements.  Salem Police Chief Ron Campo held critical training for faculty and staff during a professional growth and development day, which included the role play of a  shooter on campus.  Campo will return for additional training this spring.  

The college board approved a resolution acknowledging the current college-wide safety policies and endorses the initiatives in place as well as those in the planning phase.

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