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WJBD - Local News - Kaskaskia College Enrollement Stabilizes for Fall Semester

Kaskaskia College Enrollement Stabilizes for Fall Semester

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

Kaskaskia College's Enrollment Management Department was able to stabilize enrollment in the fall semester while most other colleges and community colleges in the area saw decreased enrollment numbers.  Dean Denise Derrick says a big effort is being made to keep students in college until they complete their degree.  She told the college board Monday night every student who drops out is now given a personal phone call to find out the reason and if the college can help.  

"We very often find that it's just a person who doesn't have a plan B, so often it is that I don't have day care, somebody's sick in my family and my car broke down, some things that we might say, hey we'll just get this fixed and they just don't have that energy or they just don't have a plan B mentality.  We try to connect them with some resource that will help them get back in that semester and next semester", said Derrick.

The efforts of the Enrollment Management Department formed in the fall of 2011 is being credited with helping maintain the college's enrollment in the 111,000 to 115,000 annual credit hours.  

College President Dr. Jim Underwood says it has been made very clear to the entire faculty that they are expected to be involved in recruitment into their problems.  He reports it is impractical to expect the college's two recruiters to be able to do all the work to keep the colleges numbers up.  Even with the enrollment challenges, Kaskaskia College's enrollment in the fall was the fourth highest in the college's history.  

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