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WJBD - Local News - Iuka Fire Department Selects Firefighter of the Year

Iuka Fire Department Selects Firefighter of the Year

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

The Iuka Fire Department honored several of its members and reviewed 2013 at their annual Awards Program over the weekend.  The Firefighter of the Year as selected by his fellow firemen was Kevin Braddy.

"I'm totally shocked by that. I've been on the department since 2005 and I've never expected to get awarded anything like this. Everyone on the department deserves this, they all work so hard. I joined the department to make a difference in this community and give something back" Braddy said.

The EMT of the Year as voted by department members was Linda Thompson.  She was also the department's top responder, answering 69 of the 112 calls in 2013.  Thompson joined the Department in 2012.

"My husband's been on it, and I got tired of hearing the tones going off and him leaving and me not, and I like helping people [so I joined]" Thompson explained.

The officer of the year is Mike Anderson.

"Very appreciative, I love working with these people. We're a good team together" Anderson said.

Fire Chief Kenny Eagan told the department members he appreciates what everyone does and told those in attendance to give themselves a hand.

"We had a good year, seemed like an average year for us. The training hours these guys put in means alot. 1142 training hours on a department this size is huge for us" Eagan said.

The Department also honored Assistant Chief Nick Hays for completing the most training hours.  Steve Thompson was recognized for answering the second highest number of calls, with 61.  Hays was third, making 56 calls.   

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