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WJBD - Local News - Iuka Fire Department Receives Two Donations

Greatland Seed Represenative Terry Bartley presents a check to pay for half the cost of a grain rescue tube to Iuka Fire Chief Kenny Eagan.

Iuka State Bank Loan Oficer Carson Smith presents a $1,280 donation to Iuka Fire Chief Kenny Eagan for the Firemen's Fund.

Iuka Fire Department Receives Two Donations

The Iuka Fire Department has received donations to allow the purchase of a grain bin rescue tube and to the firemen's fund to benefit those in the community.

Greatheart Seed Company RepresentativeTerry Bartley provided half the money to purchase the rescue tube. "Greatheart Seed in conjunction with my field day this summer. We have a program called dealer dollars for pre-orders of corn and beans. We applied that money towards the purchase of this rescue tube," said Bartley.

Iuka Fire Chief Kenny Eagan says the rescue tube can be a lifesaver. "It's a Rescue All. It is used for grain bin extrication. It is in six sections where we can go in actually put it around the person trapped and keep grain from coming in and then we can vacuum grain out from around him. It's a piece of equipment we hope we never have to use, but if we do it can make a big difference. I want to thank Terry Bartley and Greatheart Seed Company. We greatly appreciate this," said Eagan. "This is a good piece of equipment for us our in rural areas with the number of grain farmers and grain bins that we have in this area."

The donation to the Firemen's Fund was made by Iuka State Bank. Loan Officer Carson Smith explains how the $1,280 was raised. "We basically had furniture. We did a total renovation of the Iuka Facility and some of the existing furniture wasn't going to fit with the new decor. So we decided to have a silent auction. We then donated the funds from that to the fire department to benefit the community and the fire department specifically," said Smith.

Eagan thanked Smith and Bank President Mark Gibson for the donation. Eagan says the Firemen's Fund is available to assist the firemen help families in need, adopt kids at Christmas time, and to help with the purchase of school supplies.

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