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WJBD - Local News - Increase in Inmates Being Held at Marion County Jail

Increase in Inmates Being Held at Marion County Jail

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

Marion County Sheriff Jerry DeVore says there has been an unexplained jump in the number of local inmates being held in the Marion County Jail.  He told the county board's Law Enforcement Committee Wednesday night that the number of inmates being held has increased from 69 in August to 112 on Tuesday.  

"Unlawful restraint because that's a controlled substance, possession of meth... it's not just one thing.  It's a variety of a lot of things, but I wanted to make the Board aware that our bills are going to be higher because of this and hopefully this will go away at some point", said DeVore.  

DeVore says until recently, the local jail population had been staying fairly consistent.  In addition to the local inmates, the jail is housing 21 federal prisoners.  Cook County has removed their inmates because their prisoner population has dropped.  

The Committee will recommend to the full board that the Emergency Services and Disaster Agency once again complete the Halloween Patrols.  The patrols will be completed from Friday, October 26th, through Wednesday, October 31st.  ESDA members will receive gasoline for the patrols, but will volunteer their time to try and add extra eyes to cut down on Halloween vandalism activity.

The committee will also recommended that the ESDA unit be able to participate in a program to obtain federal surplus property.  

The lowest bid for gas for the coming year was submitted by Knapp Oil Company of Xenia.  DeVore is still asking the committee to come up with a system to verify the amount of gas actually being delivered to the county's gas tanks.  

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