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WJBD - Local News - Heavy Thunderstorm Produces Flooding Rain in Kell Area

Heavy Thunderstorm Produces Flooding Rain in Kell Area

By Bruce Kropp, WJBD News

A heavy thunderstorm that dumped more than three inches of rain on the Kell area late Saturday afternoon has resulted in a culvert washing out on the Summer Time Nine Road, at least one vehicle getting stranded in high water on the Summer Time Nine Road, and a lightning strike on a home east of Centralia.  

At last report, the Summer Time Nine Road near the Adams Road intersection remained closed where the heavy rains washed out a culvert.  A vehicle had to be towed out of high water when it became stranded near the Summertime and England Road intersection.  No injuries were reported. 

The Sheriff's Department also took reports of Route 37 having water across the road in several places in the Kell area.  The Route 161 Extension also had reports of water over the road east of Foxville Road and east of Iuka Road.  Six to eight inches of water was also reported over the Iuka Road north of the Route 161 Extension.  

The storm resulted in at least two lightning strikes late Saturday afternoon that sent out the Kell and Salem Fire Departments.  Kell Fire responded to a call at the Bill Leathers property on Medlin Road in Centralia when a lightning strike came into the house and exited through a gas line to a gas fireplace.  The fire department says a small fire resulted in about $1500 in damage.  Salem Fire was called to the 1700-block of Old Salem Road when a lightning strike set a tree on fire.

The storm dumped 3.5" of rain near the Route 37 and Route 161 interchange south of Kell.  Three inches of rain was reported in Walnut Hill.  The Salem Water Plant recorded 73-hundredths of an inch of rain on Saturday and an additional one-tenth of an inch during the day on Sunday and early Monday morning.   Centralia almost totally missed the Saturday storms, with just seven one-hundredths of an inch of rain.  15-hundredths of an inch was recorded for the 24 hour period ending at seven this morning.

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